Chelmsford - Essex

Chelmsford – Essex

About Chelmsford by Wayne Collier, Chelmsford is situated in the heart of Essex, and affectionately now known and officially appointed as The County Town of Essex. Chelmsford is surrounded by beautiful countryside along with all the Picturesque little villages and towns like Maldon surround the historical town.

For so many years Chelmsford was just known as the Home and birth place of Radio after the first ever radio broadcast was made by Guglielmo “Marconi” some 100 years ago. Since the closure of Marconis we now have some leading global technology companies such as e2v tech, BAE Systems and Gardner Aerospace based around Chelmsford.
Along with the town’s host of country parks, are thatch cottages and Tudor style inns, and not forgetting the 15th century Cathedral that is situated right in the town centre. There is also much unspoilt countryside that can be seen from the scenic riverside walks.

This Country Town wasn’t always seen as such a delightful destination however, it became quite run down after major industry closures in the 1980’s. But continuing developments have seen the town grow from strength to strength, and there is no denying the popularity of it’s many attractions, including bars, restaurants along with the modernised shopping centres and car parks across the City. It now draws in many tourists, especially as it is only a short train ride from London. Chelmsford has a lot to offer visitors who come to the area.

Chelmsford still has many nature based locations such as Chelmer Valley Nature Reserve, Newland Grove Nature Reserve, Galleywood Common and Highlands House. Many of these parks and green spaces offer heritage and/or nature trails and are favourites amongst nature enthusiasts, keen walkers.

Developments have continued along the riverside, and it has become a hotspot for property and business. A contemporary shopping centre was an addition to the riverside in recent years, and this is another popular place amongst visitors. But, being called The County Town of Essex shows that the town of Chelmsford is still primarily valued for it’s pastoral setting.

If you can make some time, come and enjoy Chelmsford and see for yourself.

Until we catch up again on our travels.

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